Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food Club: The first rule of...

This year I finally joined a book club. I have always resisted because I felt I wasn't intellectual enough in a literary sense. I have discovered what a wonderfully safe environment they can be for the less academic reader. I have read books I never would have and thought about them in new ways.  So when I read epicure last Tuesday and discovered that people do what I had only dreamt and joked about- FOOD CLUB, I was ecstatic.

Our book club incorporate this a little; we have a food theme to match the book. But to make it all about the food- I had only dreamed!

My dear friend Random Pear & I have a two man Food Club of  sorts- she lives in Sydney & I in Melbourne, & a couple of times a year we venture to each other’s current home town and take a foodies tour of Melbourne/ Sydney. We are talking serious eating Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for two to three days. Our motivations something our less culinary enthused partners struggle to understand.

The Stand out for me in this article was Duck Club - Oh my freaking God! Not a highly intellectually response but the images of luscious duck dishes are swimming around in my head and there is no room for eloquence.

So it got me thinking of the food dedicated clubs I would like to join or form. Here is my not so shortlist....

The Yum Cha Cha’s
Pork Belly Appreciation
Middle Eastern Food Caravan
New ingredient of the month
Chilli Chow Down
Ice Scream for Ice Cream....
Degustation Dinners
The Real Turkish delight
Quest for the best Pub food
Quest for the best Fish & Chips
Cheese Tours
All Day Breakfast Club
We bake to justify the purchase of our Kitchen Aid’s Mother Group
My Partner eats to live, not lives to eat Support Group
Over Eaters Anonymous
I love summer fruit with the exception of Manago’s & I am not a freak!
Fresh Passionfruit Flavoured Food
Artisan Bread & Butter
Street Hawkers

Which of these or what other would you want to be part of? I'd love to hear


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, especially the managos(?) and the Kitchen Aid mother's group

Just Desserts said...

Thought you would like it

Angelica said...

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