Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crack in the Mouth

The not so humble Croque-em-Bouche has always been popular, it is fanciful and when executed well can be shear elegance. Its appearance on Master Chef captured Australia’s culinary imagination; Adrian Zumbo’s was a fine example of the Croque-em-Bouche at its best.

Following those episodes there were noticeable increases in the volume of Croque-em-Bouche related inquires our shops fielded. There were even reports of home wares stores selling out of the cones they used due to the viewing publics overwhelming desire to try it for themselves.

Broken down into it elements it can be made to appear more simple or complicated depending on your skill level & confidence- you need to master the following;

Choux Pasty
Crème Patisserie
& the Construction!!!!

From the first appearance on Master Chef it became apparent the construction was the element approached with the most trepidation and where most were brought undone. You can make the most superb Choux Puffs, Crème Patisserie and toffee but falter in the construction and you fail. Your Croque-em-Bouche is nothing more than a pile of toffee dipped profiteroles, sweet rubble- delicious, but a disaster none the less. You may as well wear a tracksuit to the wedding!

Over the years I have witnessed many an apprentice and even qualified chef having a bad day, construct what could be mistaken for a tribute to Italy’s leaning tower of Pizza rather than the majestic French Wedding Cake.

With this in mind I have videoed a Croque-em-Bouche under construction so we amateurs might get some tips. I had planned to post this last week & would have done so except for my technical limitations....

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Michelle said...

Wow your dad made that look easy.Is the fan there to set the toffee? Michelle