Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Food Fashion

We all want to know what is fashionable right now! It maybe a dress, hair cut, a place to live, a movie star or gadget but when it is in we want it and want to have it first

Old School, , Retro , Vintage, Nostalgia – all words used to let us know that what wasn’t cool last week is back, so dust of your 80’s fluoro and get on with it- defiantly do not stop to question whether you should ( the answer will often- but not always, be NO NO NO!!!! )

The food industry is no different. Deliha Smith was dumped for Jamie Oliver. We turned our backs on Jamie for Nigellia Lawson. Now poor Nigellia is licking the bowl on her own while we obsess over the three master chef amigos.

In the world of pastry chef’s we now have “rock stars” of our own. Adrian Zumbo (also of Master Chef fame) and Burch and Purchese (British expats) are doing simply amazing things in the world of dessert & pasty. The way they play with flavours and their stunning presentation is inspiring. While the rest of us are squeezing everything we can out off the cup cake craze, Zumbo & co are already working on the next big thing- macaroons! You heard me MACAROONS are the next big thing and with flavours like bacon & maple syrup, sticky buns and Passionfruit Adrian Zumbo is leading the way.

The result of changing culinary trends and fashion is that many great new things have been introduced to that Australia table- flavours that younger generations take for granted. There are also many that have consequently been left behind- some that should never be revived (curries made from “curry powder”, pre mixed mashed potatoes and greens boiled until they smell of a mouldy old chux). There are a few that deserve another look, they prove that while we should always be looking for something strange and new, classic and simple is good too!!!

Paterson’s is a place for Nostalgia. While we keep up with current trends ours is still the place to come for the teats of your childhood. Observing trends in children’s Cakes and party orders can be a fascinating social study. We can tell you the most popular children’s names (no research grant needed) and what the latest themes are. I have seen them come and go, Teenage Mutant Ninger Turtles, My Little Pony, Transformers, Princesses, Cars, The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Dora the Explorer, Ben 10 and Iggle Piggle....................... This week I noticed a few cakes for children that may signify a return to some of the retro themes.

Two cakes in the shape of Rocket Ships and one for Mr Tickle!!! Simple, Classic and surprisingly effective.

Hopeful prediction –“Where the Wild things Are” is going to go off (possibly for as many nostalgic adults as children).


Anonymous said...

what about vampires- they are everywhere in popular culture these days... surely quotes from twilight, pictures of the bookcovers, novelty cakes of bottles of true blood are being requested? Or is that to morbid for a cake theme?

Just Desserts said...

No we have plenty of request just like that but more straight out horror than - twilght actually! My own sister had a cake with a marzipan severed head and a cleaver in it for her 21st!